After a hectic few weeks of papers and studying for finals, the DU students are now in the middle of a seven week break before classes begin again after New Years. Thank you quarter system! While this is a break from classes, many students are still busy with shadowing, consulting, coaching, and working. In the midst of these continued responsibilities, one important part of this break is for us to focus on self-care or “sharpening the sword” as one of our professors stated.

After a battle, a soldier needs to take the time to sharpen his sword so he is ready for the next fight. Without this step, the soldier will be less prepared and less successful in future battles. Similarly, taking the time to care for our own bodies and selves is an important step in energizing ourselves for future endeavors. Though with so many conflicting demands on our time, this is a step that is often neglected. Thanks to this break, however, we have more time to focus on ourselves. For many of us, this self-care will happen through spending time with friends and family, snowboarding or skiing (it is Colorado after all), and sleeping of course. This way, we will be rested and ready to tackle the next quarter if the world does not end before then. 

While this break is nice for students, many people do not have the luxury to take off seven weeks to focus on themselves. Instead, find 10 or 15 minutes in a day to do something purely because you enjoy it. This could be going for a walk, petting a dog, listening to music, or relaxing with friends or family. At the end of the day, taking some time to focus on yourself will leave you better able to handle the next battle that comes your way.