I love to think about the times we typically don’t give a lot meaning to: The drive to a presentation at work or school, hurried interactions with acquaintances, or a lunch that you can’t even remember because thoughts were elsewhere. The connective tissue to our daily lives that easily goes unnoticed or gets passed over in favor of the “bigger” issues. How many of these bigger issues do we really have during a typical day? I think we might agree that most of our days consist of the mundane things that get us to and from what we feel we have to do.

So, the question is why should I even care about these in between moments?

If we are only dedicated to the bigger issues, a majority of the day is lost. That lunch might have tasted better, that brief interaction might have felt more genuine, and the drive to the presentation could’ve been via the scenic route.

Paying attention to the little things is becoming a lost art. However, if you ask any high performer the secret of their success, they point to the little things. In baseball, a hitter might get 4 at bats during a game. If he puts all of his self worth into those at bats, it would be very hard to recover if he didn’t get a hit in any of those attempts. How he approaches his process towards those at bats allows him to be successful day to day and year to year.

The great news is that giving meaning to the little things doesn’t hurt to try. It just requires a little awareness to who you are and how you show up in the world.

These in-between moments allow me to understand myself better and, in the end, create a better experience for my daily life.

Take this moment now to sit in the present, wherever you are. Reflect on how you felt while reading this post, how you feel now, and how you will carry this information with you for the rest of day. Pause for this moment between moments. 

– Adam Bernero –